Co-Headlining Tour

July 3, 2009

I’m so psyched for this tour; As Tall As Lions, Dredg, and RX Bandits, July 30th, Irving Plaza.¬†Though I’m going primarily for ATAL, who are only opening, I’m also really looking forward to seeing Dredg and RX Bandits as co-headliners. I just wish Good Old War were also playing the date I’m going..

Having mentioned Good Old War, I must say how incredible it is to watch their popularity grow, see their music spread as much as it has. Having listened to them since the start of their band, it’s a great thing to watch them succeed as much as they are. I’ve yet to meet a person who’s heard their music that doesn’t like it, probably because it’s impossible not to fall in love with their vocal harmonies.¬†Bands of every genre seem to want them on their tour now, and I couldn’t be more happy for them; Dan, Keith, and Tim are great guys who really deserve it, and I look forward to all they have to offer in the future to us listeners; beautiful things are coming.