Minus the Bear – 10/15

October 21, 2009

Last Thursday, I went to see Minus the Bear at Blender at Gramercy. It was my first time seeing them live, and I was extremely impressed by every aspect of their performance. Not only was each member of the band evidently skilled and seemingly more familiar with their instruments than many other musicians, but their set list truly made it a fantastic experience. They played songs off of nearly every album/EP they’ve ever released; something many bands refuse to do, for fear of not pleasing their newer fans. I was also amazed that they played songs off of Planet of Ice that were never as popular as others – my favorites off the album, as well.

Some of the set included: Dr. L’Ling, Memphis and 53rd, Throwin’ Shapes, Into the Mirror, White Mystery, Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!, Ice Monster, Let’s Play Clowns, Hooray, The Fix, Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse, Pachuca Sunrise, as well as a few others.
-Dr. L’Ling and Memphis and 53rd, two of my favorite MTB songs, were better live than I ever could have imagined.
-Not a single person wasn’t singing along during Throwin’ Shapes and The Fix.
-Into the Mirror proved to be the highlight of the set for me – absolutely flawless. Heather Duby came on stage to sing, as she does on the album – she has a great voice (She also opened for MTB).

The crowd was so much more fun than I had expected it to be. In every video I had watched of them live, people seemed to be standing still, but where I was in the crowd (2nd/3rd row in the center), everyone was dancing and singing.

The venue was also one of my favorites of all I’ve been to. It used to be an old movie theatre, so there’s a descending seated section, as well as a pit smaller than that of Irving Plaza, but a little bit bigger than the one at Highline Ballroom. The lights were spectacular and made the show even better.

My love for Minus the Bear is greater than it ever has been after such a wonderful night. I hope to go see them again as soon as possible.

On a similar note, I just heard their second single off of their upcoming album – “Broken China.” It’s a good song, without a doubt, but it doesn’t seem to compare to “Into the Mirror,” the other new song. Based on these songs, I’m fairly confident that I will love the new album.

Minus the Bear – Broken China

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