owen – new leaves

September 6, 2009

Mike Kinsella’s New Leaves comes out September 22nd, and may be my new favorite Owen album (though it’s difficult to say). The sound is new and different and fantastic, and much more complex; orchestral sounds were incorporated into most songs, adding on to the beauty of the record (“A Trenchant Critique” as a perfect example). Most songs concern his relationships with people – how he’s content and has finally grown to accept them as they are, or tired of their current state.

There’s nothing more frustrating than listening to an album where the lyricist has tried too hard to create metaphors; The words come out unclear. In New Leaves, this is of course not the case at all. The lyrics are as honest as ever (such as in “Curtain Call”), and you can tell the words came naturally. They’re clever and easy to relate to, which is one of the many reasons why every Owen album is so appealing to people.

The album is 38 minutes of guitars conversing with one another, delightful keys, sincere vocals, and cotton candy flavored strings. Different moods can be detected with every change in song, like a diary transcribed into music. So far, there’s no such thing as a disappointing Owen album, and I don’t think there ever will be.



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