animal collective weekend!

August 19, 2009

As if Lollapalooza hadn’t been enough live music for the week, I went to see Animal Collective at Prospect Park on Friday and Saturday (8/14-8/15)!

Day one. Pretty much everyone (of good taste in music) from my school was there, which was hilarious, and during Dam-Funk, we were all in the same area of the crowd. It was great to experience that show in the presence of so many people that I knew, as well as people I had never met who were chill. Animal Collective opened with one of their new songs, and it was fantastic. The stage set-up was one of the coolest I’ve seen; cardboard ocean waves that moved up and down throughout the entire set, large tikis on each side of the stage that lit up, flashing multicolored lights, and of course the back-drop behind the band that wasn’t as good as the screens at Lolla, but had bright colors and designs projected onto it. During the second song, glow in the dark inflatable balls flew into the crowd as everyone danced around, making it even more fun.

What Would I Want Sky
My Girls
You Could Win A Rabbit
Summertime Clothes
Daily Routine
Lion in a Coma (Encore)
Guys Eyes (Encore)
Leaf House (Encore)

There was a good amount of jamming in between, of course, and some people seem to believe at first that a re-worked version of Panda Bear’s Comfy In Nautica was played at one point; it turned out to be a completely new song.

Day two. This time, arrived with glow sticks and face paint, ready for another amazing set, which consisted of…

Summertime Clothes
Leaf House
Guys Eyes
Also Frightened
What Would I Want Sky
My Girls
In The Flowers (Encore)
Comfy In Nautica (Encore)
Lion in a Coma (Encore)

The loud vibrating bass shook my entire body- one of my favorite feelings during a show. I liked the set they played better than the previous night’s set, especially since Panda Bear’s Comfy In Nautica was part of the encore; it felt good to be lifted into the air during that song. However, Friday night’s crowd was undoubtedly better.

Photo cred

I’m glad to have been able to attend both nights at such a great venue – Prospect Park. Definitely another highlight of my summer.


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