day 2!

August 12, 2009

Day Two: Saturday, 8/8.

By the time I arrived for the second day of the festival, I was already wishing for the previous day’s weather; it was hot. Never-the-less, Dylan and I made our way to Perry’s (which unfortunately had little shade).

2:30. Animal Collective’s DJ set was first, and there was a fairly big turn out. They played songs with interesting rhythm (Brazilian sounding), except it was obvious that most people weren’t sure how to dance to them. Plus, the blazing sun helped to make people prefer to stand still during the set. It got to be more fun during the last fifteen minutes, but by the time it was over, I already felt exhausted and dehydrated due to the heat.


We had to skip Gomez in order to rehydrate, cool down, and get some soda and food in our systems. I felt a hell of a lot better after doing so, and was able to enjoy the rest of the day.

4:30. Arctic Monkeys at Budweiser! Though I always like what I hear when I listen to their music, it’s rarely what’s playing on my iPod. However, that crowd was the best I had been in all weekend so far once we got towards the front. People were jumping around, giving each other air hugs, moshing, crowd surfing, and running around, making it a lot of fun. Setlist: Pretty Visitors, House Is A Circus, Brainstorm, If You Were There Beware, Crying Lightning, Fluorescent Adolescent/Only You Know, Comerstone, The View From The Afternoon, Red Right Hand, My Propeller, Do Me A Favour, Potion Approaching, and 505.


6:30. After another hour long break in the shade, went back to the Budweiser stage to hear some TV On The Radio! We were only to stay for four songs; Love Dog, Wrong Way, Golden Age, and Crying, but from what I saw, I can imagine the rest of the set was amazing. Tunde moved around a lot on stage, dressed all in white, getting the crowd energized.

7:00. Diplo at Perry’s! I had a great time in the second row, dancing like crazy, especially to Daft Punk and Michael Jackson’s Beat It. I was having so much fun that I almost decided to skip Animal Collective and stay for the entire set; I realized I would regret missing AC, though, and left after half an hour.

(via zoonotic

7:30. Animal Collective at Vitamin Water. Without a doubt one of the best sets I caught all weekend. As they played, on the screen that usually shows the band on stage, trippy images were projected instead. Forests, roads, human silhouettes, and bodies of water, all with inverted colors. It made the set all the more interesting. Blue Sky, Leaf House, Guys Eyes, Bleed, Daily Routine, Lablakely Dress, Fireworks, and Brothersport were played. Brothersport in particular was most impressive to me, and I was ecstatic that they ended with it since it’s my favorite track on Merriweather Post Pavilion.

(via hodgeswm)

8:30. Perry’s, once again, for Bassnectar. Not a single person was standing still during that set. The exploding lights were absolutely incredible, as were the beats. Lorin was really getting into it  on stage, too. It’s difficult to explain what the set was like, so a video would be the best way to show it.

(via bradmurmz

9:30. Decided to check out the headliners of the night; first, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I was lying down in the grass on my back, just taking in the sound, and it felt good, though I’ve never listened to the band much. I realized after 15 minutes that I definitely needed to check out what was happening all the way across the park on the Chicago 2016 stage.

9:45. TOOL. I discovered the band in sixth grade, and fell in love with their album 10,000 Days, so there was no way I could miss their entire set. Standing in the back, I was really able to get the full effect of the visuals on stage, which included laser lights. It was a truly face melting fifteen minutes. My biggest regret of the weekend was not being there for more of the set.

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