rx bandits, dredg, as tall as lions

August 4, 2009

7/30: Irving Plaza.

It was expected that a show co-headlined by RX Bandits and Dredg, with As Tall As Lions opening, would be a night to remember- and it definitely was.

I wish As Tall As Lions could have played a longer set, but the seven songs they did play were wonderful, and I appreciated the trumpet solos in particular that took place several times.

1. Circles
2. Breakers
3. Ghost Of York
4. Go Easy
5. Stab City
6. A Break A Pause
7. In Case Of Rapture

I didn’t like the fact that they ended with In Case Of Rapture – a new song that I do like, but can’t seem to really get into – and didn’t play Song For Luna, but then again, it is good that they always change up their sets and no longer have to play their most well-known song (Love, Love, Love) to gain approval from their audience. I’ve come to find that no matter which venue they play, who they play with, or whether they’re headlining or opening, As Tall As Lions never fails to impress me each time I see them live.


Even more impressive was Dredg. The cascading swirls over the backdrop of a parrot, the somewhat bizarre sound effects that occurred between songs, the great amount of distortion, and the reverb on the vocals made it one of the most interesting sets I’ve seen. They opened with the first track off their latest album, Pariah, the bass prominent and the crowd fired up; fists were pounding in the air within the first thirty seconds of the song, and “In Dredg we trust” was shouted many times.

1. Pariah
2. Bug Eyes
3. Same Ol’ Road
4. R U O K?
5. I Don’t Know
6. Ode to the Sun
7. Lightswitch
8. Triangle
9. Information
10. Saviour
11. Zebraskin
12. The Tanbark is Hot Lava
13. Down to the Cellar
14. Cartoon Showroom 

Last was RX Bandits, a band I’ve been following for over a year, but hadn’t gotten the chance to see until this night. Having really been into Mandala lately, I was most excited for their set. The energy stimulated was like nothing I had ever seen- every person in the heart of the crowd, and even a good amount on the outskirts, were moving all over the place, singing along to every word of each song. It was impossible to keep my body from moving, and though I hadn’t planned on getting to the center of the crowd and eventually to the front, it happened anyway. Unfortunately, I had to leave just before the end of the set. It was hard to walk out of that crowd, knowing there was still a good 15 minutes left of music, but I’m glad to have seen most of it, as that set has made my love for the band grow tremendously.

1. In Her Drawer
2. My Lonesome Only Friend
3. Decrescendo
4. Dinna Dawg/March of the Caterpillar/Dinna Dawg
5. It’s Only Another Parsec…
6. Consequential Apathy
7. Mientras La Veo Sonar
8. White Lies
9. To Our Unborn Daughters
10. One Million Miles An Hour Fast Asleep
11. Bring Our Children Home
12. Overcome (Encore)
13. Only for the Night (Encore)


Current music: Curtain Call – Owen.

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