atal acoustic

July 31, 2009

7/28: Looney Tunes.

On Tuesday, I went to hear As Tall As Lions play acoustic in West Babylon at a CD store I’ve heard so much about over the past couple years- Looney Tunes. The only cost had been the pre-order of You Can’t Take It With You, which made it even more worth it, since I would have pre-ordered anyway.

1. Circles
2. Stab City
3. Sixes & Sevens
4. Go Easy
5. Song For Luna
6. A Break A Pause
7. Duermete
8. Acrobat (Encore)

It was awesome to hear acoustic versions of songs like Stab City and Circles, and the new songs sounded great, too. Dan’s vocals sounded better than ever, Julio’s facial expressions were just as outrageous while he played his acoustic guitar as they are when he plays bass, and Cliff’s incredible drumming ability wasn’t any less apparent, even though he couldn’t go all out. In between songs, they made fun of each other and told stories about songs, making everyone laugh, as well as giving us beautiful music to hear.

After the short set, there was a signing. Saen in particular was very interested to hear what everyone had to say, and had no problem talking in length about things. That’s always so refreshing when talking to a musician who you respect so much.


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