wilco, a little late.

July 30, 2009

7/18: Dutchess Stadium.

I haven’t had time to update lately, since I was busy at NGW for a week, but I ended up going to see Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and Wilco at Dutchess Stadium a week and a half ago! It was an incredibly last minute decision, but one I’m glad I made.

I arrived with two friends of mine, blanket in hand, and we sat near the stage, waiting for Conor’s set to begin. When it did, we left our comfortable spot on the ground and easily made our way to the front. This particular crowd consisted of mainly adults, the majority of them there to see Wilco, making it a much more different experience than previous ones this month at Conor Oberst shows (Hardly any teenaged girls to scream at him to take his shirt off this time, which was nice).

1. Slowly/Oh So Slowly
2. Sausalito
3. Nikorette
4. Get-Well-Cards
5. Spoiled
6. Moab
7. Cape Canaveral
8. Air Mattress
9. Danny Callahan
10. NYC-Gone, Gone
11. Souled Out!!!
12. Big Black Nothing
13. I Don’t Want To Die (In A Hospital)

I was pleased to hear such a long opening set, and thought the sound was fantastic, though I felt that there was much less energy on stage than I had seen from the band at both Toad’s and Battery Park.

I’ve only been listening to Wilco for a short time, so I wasn’t familiar with most of the music they played, but I was completely blown away by their performance. I was able to lie down and star gaze during some of the set, and stand up in awe of the lights and the band’s stage presence during the rest of it. When it was all over, the crowd was still craving more, which brought on a double encore! I wish I had known the words to sing along, but that didn’t keep me from enjoying every moment of that set. I’m sure that won’t be the last Wilco show I attend.

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