P.TM Leak

June 26, 2009

Yesterday, when Portugal. The Man’s new album leaked, I couldn’t help but download, not feeling too bad since I’ve already pre-ordered it. I listened to The Satanic Satanist through twice, right away, and was not at all surprised to find it to be a fantastic follow-up album to Censored Colors. The Satanic Satanist is composed of eleven relatively short songs with flawless vocals from Gourley and creative instrumental parts. The first song off an album always sets the tone for the rest of it, in this case it being “People Say,” a song that gives me a remarkable feeling of happiness each time I hear it, from the chorus in particular. “It’ll be alright” are the words echoed throughout the song, and they’re the most suitable words I could ever think of to describe how it makes me feel. It fades right into “Work All Day”, percussion being the main aspect of the song, giving it a rhythm that makes it impossible to keep your head still as you listen. Perhaps my favorite track on the album is “The Sun.” It starts off with vocals accompanied by piano and bass arpeggios, and is undeniably catchy. I associate brilliant trippy images with this song as my mind is weighed down by vivid colors that seem to radiate in all directions around me, however, making my body feel lighter than ever. The last three tracks are slower and bring an end to this musical masterpiece in just the right way. The Satanic Satanist has incredible flow, and every song belongs perfectly in its spot on the track list, while a distinct sound is maintained on each. I also appreciate that there are no breaks between tracks. As of right now, this album stands among my top five releases of the year, and will most likely remain there.

However, I must say, reading the band’s blog post on MySpace concerning the leaking of this album nearly a month before its set release date really makes me hope that people don’t abuse this privilege of early listening by not fully appreciating the album and/or not paying for it at a later date. Portugal. The Man is a band that deserves every cent they make through doing what they love, but as revealed by their blog post, they don’t even have enough money to afford suitable living spaces, let alone to pay their manager for his hard work a lot of the time. That’s what really gets to me, and I know being a musician isn’t about the money, but as fans I feel that it’s our responsibility to re-pay them in any way we can (not only by buying albums) for the beautiful music they give us to listen to, and sometimes it seems that people forget this. However, I do think that most people who hear The Satanic Satanist leak will be compelled to purchase it when it comes out, what with its mesmerizing album artwork and songs worthy of being paid for; at least I hope so. Therefore I urge anyone who may read this to do just that.



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