June 5, 2009

this afternoon, i stumbled upon a leak of the mars volta’s latest album, octahedron. within only a few seconds of listening to the first track, i knew i was in for something very different from their usual work. less chaos in the sound, mellow vocal harmonies, and overall just more chill, which is exactly what they were going for, seeing as they refer to this as their “acoustic album.” the image in my mind as i listen is of a desert, with deep red heat waves rising from the cracks in the ground, the sky unnatural colors becoming more vivid as the music progresses; it’s one that i would have difficulty illustrating anywhere other than my head.

i hope that people don’t resent this change in sound and dismiss this album. the fact that the mars volta are able to develop their unique sound and not put out records that sound the same every time is what makes them so incredible and so interesting to follow. i’m very curious to hear what they’ll create next.



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